Kumano Kodo Art Exhibition in Kii Nagashima 2015 – Linda Dennis Artwork


Exhibition Co-Organizers: Linda Dennis (Touch Base Creative Network) and Arashiya Art no Kai

Kumano Kodo Art Exhibition in Kii-Nagashima 2015

Art in a Town by the Sea

Contemporary Art to Traditional Art

Dates   28 (Sat) – 30 (Mon) March 2015

Hours   10am – 5.30pm (last day ends at 3pm)

Location: Specially arranged Gallery Spaces in Local Buildings

Between Nagashima Matsumoto”s “Kaze no Hiroba – Open Space” and Honmachi Crossing

Kaze no Hiroba, Nagashima Matsumoto, Kii-Nagashima-ku, Kihoku-cho, Kitamuro-gun, Mie Prefecture, Japan

Access: Ten minutes walk from Kii Nagashima station, JR Kisei Hon Sen Line, Mie Prefecture, Japan

Free Admission

Organizers: Arashiya Art no Kai (Kii Nagashima), Touch Base Creative Network (Tokyo – Linda Dennis)

Co-sponsors: Town Revitalization Through Art Association, Kii-Nagashima Youth Development Association

Supporters: The Mie Kumano-Kodo Society of Commerce and Industry, Kihoku-cho Culture Association

Special Co-operation:  R.Link Corporation

Co-operation: Hotel Tokinoza





Special Thanks: Takemura Net (タケムラ有限会社)



くまの古道美術展 in 紀伊長島2015 アート、海の街で


日時 3月28日(土)~30日(月)10:00から17:30(最終日15:00)

会場 長島松本「風の広場」~本町交差点の古民家特設ギャラリー


アクセス 紀伊長島駅から歩いて10分



主催 嵐屋アートの会  タッチベース・クリエイティブ・ネットワーク(東京 リンダ・デニス)

共催 アートで町おこしの会、紀伊長島青少年育成協議会

後援 みえ熊野古道商工会、紀北町文化協会

特別協賛  (株)R.Link Corporation

協賛 ホテル季の座