Sea-Folk Museum. On Touch: Gather

NEWS: ***Exhibition extended to 31 August 2016***

Workshop: 5 August, more details on News page

Solo Exhibition at Toba Sea Folk Museum Solo Exhibition at Toba Sea Folk Museum


Linda Dennis Exhibition   On Touch: Gather 

SEA – FOLK MUSEUM, Toba, Mie Prefecture, Japan

23 April (Sat) – Sun 25 June (Sat) 2016 ***Exhibition Extended to 31 August 2016***

4月23日(土)-6月25日(土)   ***期間延長: 8月31日まで***



More exhibition details on NEWS page.

On Touch: Gather at Sea-Folk Museum Pamphlet Front On Touch: Gather at Sea-Folk Museum Pamphlet Back


On Touch: Gather at Sea-Folk Museum – Pamphlet (PDF format)

Exhibition Description from Sea-Folk Museum website:

Australian artist, Linda Dennis, presently teaching at Tokyo University of the Arts and Joshibi University of Art & Design, is making artworks based on the theme of “Touch”. Two years ago when visiting Kii-Nagashima in Kihoku-cho, Mie Prefecture, after encountering fishing nets and experiencing hand sewing them, she imagined the bonds between people through the many interwoven threads.


From then on, she has been making large works from net, which can be touched. The work for this exhibition was inspired by her visit to Toba in the 1980s when she saw Japanese female divers, and “sukari” (net bags the divers use for their catch) that she saw during her visit to Sea-Folk Museum. The exhibition title “Gather” includes references to this gathering from the ocean by the divers, and the collection of the museum. Her work will be exhibited in the outdoor area between Exhibition Hall A and Hall B.